Janine Female Driving Instructor Milton Keynes

Pupil Testimonials

I really enjoyed my lessons with Janine as she made me feel really at ease right from the beginning! She never made me feel bad when I made silly mistakes. I would definitely recommend her to anyone as she developed my confidence so much whilst driving and in doing so I passed first time. Thank you Janine for making me a confident and safe driver.

Enya. S. Great Holm.

Janine taught me how to drive over the summer break and I am very glad that I chose her as my instructor. Her friendly personality makes you feel comfortable from the very first lesson. She is really supportive and this has helped me become more confident with my driving skills. I would recommend her to everyone - I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

Haseeb M. Crownhill

I have been learning how to drive with Janine for the past 7 months and have enjoyed our lessons. Janine focuses on weaker points and in doing this no time is wasted and lessons are very productive. Janine made me feel comfortable whilst driving due to her friendly personality. She has helped me become a safe driver and buoy up my confidence. Thank you Janine for helping me to pass!

Nabihah M. Crownhill

From the first time I spoke to Janine she put me at ease and before I knew it I was behind the wheel after nearly 18 years.... I didn't know what to expect and how it would go but Janine took the time to know how I worked and less than 3 months later I have today passed my test. Janine had more confidence in me than I ever have and I completely trusted her and knew that when she told me I was ready that I was. I had more than a few wobbles and really doubted myself even as I pulled in the test centre. 40 minutes and three minors later I'm holding my pass certificate, so pleased with myself but I'm sure I would still be building up the courage to book my test if it wasn't for Janine. Her skills, patience and knowledge amaze me and if ever someone should be doing this job it's Janine. Thank you so much, I really can't praise and thank you enough!!

Lisa W. Swollen Park

A whole lot of blessings have transpired this year and I kid you not one of my blessings in 2017 was passing my driving test the first time with the help of Janine, such a nervous wreck and sweating my pores out, I will never ever, ever forget my first lesson, I was scared to leave my neighbourhood around the small roundabouts and Janine somehow had me in deep conversation, before I could even blink I was on the main road. Janine put me at ease and helped me become confident in 0.0 seconds from "My hearts pounding so hard I'm nervous" to hearing Janine say "But you don't look it Darling, you can do this" still shocks me to this day as to how motivational she was. Thank you for being the only driving instructor I reached out to that was willing to take on a new student out of the 1000's I called. (trying not to cry here and writing this with a lump in my throat) Janine, You my dear astound me with your patience and and your love for teaching first time learners, your calm would make any nervous student calm and what's weird throughout my driving journey/friend relationship I have built with you, you've convinced me that "I am good and shouldn't doubt myself" in all that I did when it came to driving, and that in itself is an achievement. I would recommend Janine to everyone that was just as scared as me, if I could do it all over again from the beginning I would, In every lesson I grew with Janine, I had fun, laughed, tackled my weaknesses that she helped me focus on a lot even if I was not in the mood to -(stalling, hills, parallel parking especially those big complicated roundabouts, reading signs and markings on the road, being alert and always double checking) and mostly looked forward to being on the road. Janine as a teacher will install good habits into you that become second nature. I look at my certificate on my table ever so shocked hearing "Well T, congratulations you've passed".. feeling your little tap on my shoulder saying "Well Done".. was mostly all you. Every opportunity I get now I'm asking my mum for her car keys just so I can go out on my own because I had a great teacher. May God continue to bless your heart Janine and I'm beyond grateful that I got to share an important chapter in my life with you!

Tarryne E. Fishermead

Janine has helped me with my driving so much. Previously I had some experience however I was still finding driving difficult. Janine is a kind and very calm driving instructor who gave me excellent advice/tips for driving. She helped me become a much better driver than I was previously. I passed first time in her car with only a few minors! So chuffed, couldn't ask for a better instructor. 10/10

Husam M. Broughton

When I started taking lessons with Janine eleven months ago , I was a complete novice, in addition, very nervous about driving. However, Janine was always positive, supportive and constructive and as a result I gained my confidence in driving and passed my practical test last week.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Janine for teaching me and believing in me. Janine is an amazing instructor and person . She is always excited to show you the way and cares about the success of her learners!

Lena R, MK

Janine was a lovely lady to learn with. Whilst learning with her, I passed my theory test and my practical test first time within 9 months. She puts time and effort into every one of her students and not only is she a great instructor, she's also great company and a great laugh. I loved learning with her and would recommend her to everyone.

Leah. M. Bletchley

I have just passed my driving test after having 15 hours driving with Janine after a 4 year break. Janine helped me get my confidence back with my driving and put me at ease whenever I was nervous or found anything difficult. Thank you for being such an amazing person and instructor Janine! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone wanting lessons.

Tammy K. CMK

I was so nervous to start driving and delayed it as long as i could but after my first lesson with Janine, i felt confident and at ease. Janine is friendly, laid back and will always push you to do your best and will do her best to make you feel comfortable behind the wheel. I always felt nervous before the lessons but Janine helped me overcome this and will help you deal with anything you aren't feeling comfortable to make you a more confident driver. I definitely recommend Janine to anyone learning to drive.

Aliyah M. Monkston

I contacted Janine after a recommendation from a friend. I started learning in July and passed in February. Janine's teaching is excellent, making you feel comfortable and pushing you to be better. She makes sure you are ready for your test before sending you and will make you feel confident. I would recommend Janine to anyone learning to drive!

Gaabi. U, Oxley Park

After having lessons with a previous instructor, I lost all my confidence in driving and it wasn't until I started driving with Janine, that my confidence started to climb again. Without her, I don't think I would be on the road as soon as I am. Definitely one of the best instructors out there! Thank you so much for your company, knowledge and support."

Georgina R. Stantonbury

I passed first time with Janine, it was all due to very friendly mode of teaching, which gave me confidence. She was very understanding and great instructor. Thanks a lot Janine for all your kind efforts for teaching me to drive.

Sadia M . Netherfield

Even though I'd had some driving experience before I began lessons with Janine, I had little confidence and felt very nervous on the road. Janine's friendly attitude and patience allowed me to develop my driving skills so that I passed my practical test first time and am now a more safe and confident driver. Would definitely recommend!

Lauren S. Walton Park

The prospect of driving always terrified me, but I knew that I wanted the independence that driving would provide me. So once I'd turned 17 I immediately asked people for recommendations on instructors, many of my friends had gone through multiple instructors but Janine came highly recommended. She immediately put me at ease on the first lesson and told me I'd pass within no time. I had lessons where nothing went right for me but Janine was always calm and reminded me to be positive because I could do it. Having past first time and learning in a small space of time I cannot recommend Janine enough as a driving instructor.

Ciara .P. Woolstone.

After plucking up the courage to book driving lessons and searching the internet for instructors I decided on Janine. I am

So glad I did as Janine is patient and supportive and her calming nature helped to relax my nerves. Each lesson I would go away feeling like I had achieved something and we would decide on how to build on the skills I had learnt for the following lesson. I honestly didn't believe I'd pass my test and will definitely be recommending Janine in the future.

Anya. L. Newport Pagnell.

I had Janine as an instructor for a good 8 months, her patience and communication is so brilliant, she really knows how to make you feel comfortable and at home with the wheel even if you don't feel confident in yourself, she's incredibly supportive and I just couldn't ask for anyone better to help me learn how to drive, thank you so much Janine!

Nasrin.N. Westcroft.

So glad I have finally passed before setting off to University! Thank you Janine for your support and for believing that I could do it!!

I had another driving instructor before taking lessons with Janine. Janine was recommended through a friend and I’m so glad they did! She put me at ease straight away just going through the basics to determine the level of driving I was at.

At the end of every lesson, Janine went through how the lesson went and what I wanted to cover in the next lesson – I liked this way of learning because it makes you assess yourself and reflect on what you think your strengths and weaknesses are.

Janine is really down to earth and I enjoyed getting to know her. I felt that I could be myself and was able to learn in a friendly environment. I will definitely miss our lessons and recommend her to anyone that is looking to learn.

Emma E. Stantonbury.

Janine had been teaching me to drive for the past 6 months and I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Not only is she flexible and understanding, she is also extremely patient and supportive. She built up my confidence on the road and helped me to pass my test second time!

Hope. O - Shenley Brook End.

Learning to drive is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and choosing the right instructor will play a huge part in that. I passed first time with Janine and couldn't of done it without her! She built up my confidence a made me feel right at home! Already have, and will continue to recommend her great work! Thank you so much Janine!

Molly B. Hanslope.

My first time driving a car was quite an interesting one. I remember saying to Janine "it's moving, it's moving!" And her response was "yes, cars do move darling". Who would ever have thought 7 months later , I would successfully pass my practical test! Honestly if you want a caring, understanding, patient and reliable instructor ,Janine is the one. I am now pleased to say I am a safe and confident driver thanks to her patience and motivational attitude. At 17 years old, I've always said anyone that can teach me to drive safely and confidently is heaven sent!

Anita D. Bletchley.

So this week I passed my driving test! It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I’ve managed it after nearly 6 years of on-off lessons and two theory tests.

Before Janine, I had already been through two instructors. I hadn’t been able to click with either of them and had developed quite bad anxiety about getting behind the wheel again.
I found Janine online on a whim, and she was immediately hugely professional and very welcoming. Every process which had felt so complicated and particular before was now one smooth process or movement – it was suddenly so simple and easy!

Her laid-back approach plus how crazily fun her lessons were made every session a real joy, so I looked forward to driving instead of fearing it, and now here I am with a license.
Without Janine I don’t think I would ever have been able to pass my test. She has put up with my tears, tantrums, yelling and swearing and spurred me on through everything; getting me through my test first time, with only four driving faults (minors)!

I have already recommended Janine on multiple occasions and I will continue to recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. If her crazy pass rate and full schedule are not enough testament to her skill, then this should be.

Thank you Janine – I’ll be back for the Pass Plus.

Ayesha H. Fenny Stratford.

I had been put off learning to drive for a very long time whether it was due to a lack in confidence or being scared of driving on the road.

A friend of mine who had been taught by Janine had recommend her to me and said that she was a brilliant instructor and that she would be able to help me especially as I struggle with dyslexia. On my first lesson Janine was very kind and made me laugh and although I was nervous and purple in the face throughout the lesson, I knew I had found the right person to teach me how to drive. Overtime my confidence grew with driving on the road and the fact that Janine helped me with the theory of driving by looking at signs, markings on the roads and how you interpret other car users and how I indicate my own intentions to other road users as well as keeping myself safe on the road was extremely helpful as I struggle more with theory than practically.

As a person Janine is very kind, insightful on many things and the fact she can make you laugh , sing lots of songs and above all else have a chat with you about anything besides the lessons makes her a wonderful person.

I will miss our lessons together and your company Janine. You're simply the best.

Daniel J. Bradwell.

Choosing the right driving instructor can be difficult but thankfully two of my friends had recommended Janine and I am glad they did. Janine has been an amazing driving instructor. She is someone who you can really trust, get along with and is very patient. Lessons are very efficient and no time is wasted as she focuses on what you need to improve on. I would definitely recommend Janine!

Iqra S. Crownhill

I'd been putting off driving for years after having a bad time with my last instructor. I decided that 2015 was going to be a year of change. I checked the Internet out and found Janine. Her website looked good. She looked friendly and after I read the about me , I felt that she would be perfect to teach me. Feeling absolutely terrified I went on my first lesson. Janine made me feel so at ease and comfortable. Every time I got in the car with her the nerves passed. She was calm , kind and reassuring. Building my confidence with every lesson. So happy now that I have passed and will always be thankful to Janine for making a big difference in my life.

Stephanie H-W. Newport Pagnell.

I started my driving journey with Janine back in June after a bad experience with another driving instructor. Right away Janine reassured me and her patient nature helped me to relax. I honestly couldn't have passed my test without her patience and can do attitude. I passed first time thanks to janines excellent teaching methods and flexability when arranging my lessons. I would highly recommend janine to anyone who wants to start their driving lessons.

Holly G. Emerson valley.

I started my lessons with Janine after my mum told me she had done her lessons with her when I was little, my mum said she's an amazing instructor, I went for it and I have to say I agree Janine is by far an amazing instructor, I have recommended my sister to do her lessons with Janine now, she is also glad Janine is her instructor! she really does have a lot of patience, she is very calm and relaxed and you will always feel very comfortable with doing lessons with her, a week before my test I was seriously nervous! But Janine she had faith that I would pass, I didn't expect it but she was right! I passed first time! Janine is definitely the instructor that I would recommend to anyone! Can't thank Janine enough!

Samira A. Newport Pagnell

I had been learning to drive for over a year but still wasn't a very confident driver. Then I found Janine, she was so patient with me. She has so much faith in me, it was refreshing to have such a calm instructor. Janine was so brilliant, I would literally recommend her to every person I talk to, she's amazing at her job! Could not thank you enough for everything you've taught me, I'm now a great driver thanks to you.

Amy P. Peartree Bridge.

I have always been a nervous driver after encounters with other instructors. Learning with Janine has made me confident, and thanks to her I finally believe in my ability to be a good driver. I have had several instructors over the years and janine is by far the most patient, caring and is just a lovely lady in general.

If I can pass my test, then with janine's help anyone can! Jodie. D. Beanhill. Xx

I started lessons with Janine after reading the great testimonials on her website and am definitely glad I did. I started lessons at the end of January and passed at the end of September. Janine's teaching is excellent, knowing when to push me and when I needed more practise. Her patience is exceptional, never getting annoyed (despite the many mistakes I made on the B&Q roundabout!) and Janine made me feel at ease in all my lessons. She was constantly encouraging and, even after I failed my first test, focussed on the positives and made me believe I could pass second time. I will be recommending Janine to anyone I know wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you! .

Sinead. S. Shenley church end

I contracted Janine after a friend recommended her and I am so pleased I did. I started my learning in August 2014 with one lesson a week and passed August 2015. Janine is an excellent instructor, her way of teaching is exceptional. Janine is friendly and calm and makes you feel at ease when learning, especially when tacking the horrible Milton Keynes B&Q roundabout. She encourages you to be confident and gives great driving advice. I would recommend Janine for anyone wanting to learn to drive. Janine will never put you up for a test if she dosent think your ready and even when you fail first time (like me) she takes the positives from it and works harder on them with you which allowed me to pass the second time around. She is great!

Vanessa T. Oldbrook

I contacted Janine's school after reading the great testimonials on her website and it was the right decision :)

I wanted to be ready for the test as soon as possible so Janine immediately prepared a plan for an intensive course and was very friendly and professional. I previously had experience with another driving instructor but Janine's ability to provide the right advice and guidance is really outstanding, even though I am pregnant now I was always at ease and never stressed because the lessons with Janine were a mixture of fun and learning and she was always asking if I am fine. I passed second time only because I did a stupid mistake the first time. It has been amazing, I can't thank you enough for being a great person and truly helpful instructor. Thank you :)

Anissa B. Monkston Park

I started my driving lessons in February and passed my test in May. I have used various driving instructors in the past but not one of them compares to Janine. If it wasn't for her patience and her being a fantastic instructor I would not have passed my theory or practical test. Thank you so much Janine for all the time, effort and support that you have given in me in helping to pass my test. I would highly recommend others to use your expertise in getting them through.

Heide K. Milton Keynes Village

I started lessons with Janine with a very daunting outlook on driving, I have never liked the thought of it and did it only through necessity. Janine was very calm and reassuring and with her I even began to enjoy driving a car! I definitely did not expect to pass my test first time but the fact that I did exemplifies what a great teacher Janine is.

Adam A. Fenny Stratford.

Of all the driving instructors I've had, Janine is the best by far! She is very patient and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend her"

Joe Mc. Campbell Park

Janine has motivated me become more confident and enjoy driving. She has been very patient, helped me to improve every lesson and has also been very encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to pass their driving test first time as she is an amazing instructor.

Thank you very much Janine for all your help, I couldn't of done it without you.

Jade W. Bletchley

I had little confidence when starting but it grew thanks to Janine, she took it at my pace. She listened to me and encourage me to push forward. She's very friendly and easy to talk to. I can't thank you enough Janine!

Laura B. Bradwell

Thankyou for all your help! I wasn't confident that I would pass at all let alone on my first attempt!! Having had less patient instructors previously I was grateful for your calm and friendly attitude as an instructor! Thankyou for making learning to drive an enjoyable experience! :)

Hannah S. Walton

I would like to recommend Janine as a driving instructor. I was very nervous in the beginning but she made me feel at ease straight away and I made progress quickly. From starting as a complete beginner in July, I had passed my theory in October and my practical in January. Thank you very much, Janine. I'm very grateful to you for giving me my freedom.

Elisabeth M. Broughton.

Looking for the best driving instructor choose Janine! After having a bit of jip with my previous driving instructor, my sister told me about Janine. Janine makes you feel comfortable in car and believes in you all the way, she calm polite and very easy to get along with. I would most definitely recommend Janine to anyone I know needing driving lesson.

Keeley D. Bradville.

Janine is an excellent driving instructor. She is friendly, patient, professional and extremely knowledgable. She teaches you to drive safely, confidently and without hesitation. I didn't feel at all confident when I first started my lessons, despite having held an automatic driving licence prior to beginning lessons with Janine in a manual car. However, her patience, encouragement and excellent tutelage really helped me to build my confidence as a driver. I passed my test the first time. I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

Deborah D. Old Stratford.

I advocate Janine's teachings and explain how I passed my driving practical first time with only nine lessons and three minors on the day. You just don't get that with most instructors. I Googled many different instructors and learner driving firms and Janine's business/services came up. After researching, it was a friend of my mum's who recommended Janine. We clicked first lesson and from there, a friendship was born! Janine clocked on to my bad habits, corrected them over a short period of time, addressed the common errors I made, helped me to fix them, told me to get me arse in gear and advised to promptly book my practical. In turn, this then gave me a goal to work toward. If you can execute a manoeuvre but make errors over and over, Janine sees this and will aid you to sort and perfect it. Janine knew I was ready, put me forward for practical and this photo evidences her good practice. If you're not ready for your practical, Janine won't advise you to pay for and book it.

Richard. H Great Holm

Thanks Janine for being so patient with me and helping me get through my test!! I wouldn't of done it without you. Will miss our chats and giggles. Look forward to seeing you for my passplus!!

Vicky K. Milton Keynes

Would highly reccomend Janine as someone to learn to drive with, I was not very confident in driving when I first started but was taught to be confident and take control and she always had pupils interest at heart.

Connor.W. Bletchley

After putting off driving for a really long time, finding a decent driving instructor was easy for me as Janine had taught and passed 4 of my friends and their feedback was all great. Janine made me feel really relaxed and calm when i was learning, and I actually looked forward to my lessons! Would highly recommend :)

Nanaki. G. Bradville

I chose to learn to drive with Janine as she was highly recommended by friends. I was very nervous before my first lesson but Janine made me feel calm and confident instantly. It was very important to me that I passed my test quickly due to work commitments and through Janine's teaching techniques I hit this goal! I truly recommend that anyone thinking of learning to drive to book with Janine!!!!

Matthew.K Bletchley

I was anxious about having lessons again with someone new after a 3 year gap. From the first day of meeting Janine, she immediately made me feel at ease. She built up my confidence, she knew when to push me so I could be at my best. But she also knew when I needed reassurance. It is because of Janine that I have passed first time, and I would recommend her to anyone needing lessons. She is fab!!!

Lucy.A Emerson Valley

Janine was amazing from day one. She put me at ease and made me feel comfortable despite being very nervous about learning to drive. I never felt pushed into doing things too early and felt more confident each week. Her whole way of teaching and her personality make you feel very relaxed and learning to drive became fun for me! Thank you so much Janine for everything, I don't think i would have passed with another instructor!

I will definitely miss our lessons but would seriously recommend Janine to anybody wanting to learn to drive.

Gemma N. Old stratford.

To begin with, I was an incredibly nervous driver being only 17 years old but Janine was incredibly calm, friendly and patient with me as well as insuring that she was pushing me enough to meet my test date. Janine filled me with confidence I once didn't have, as well as offering a good laugh and chat during our lessons! I can now say that I am a safe and confident driver which I once never thought I would be.

Thank you for everything Janine!

Shelby H. Little Brickhill.

On my first lesson I was very nervous, Janine re-assured me on that very day up until the day I passed my test. With the skills Janine has taught me I feel very confident on the roads by myself, not only knowing how to drive safely, but also knowing how to read and analyse the roads ahead and understanding road users. I would like to thank Janine ever so much for educating me massively with driving and would recommend her to anyone who not only wants to pass their test , but also wants to feel safe and confident on the roads.

Jake K. Abington Vale.

Nearly 12 months ago I began taking driving lessons. Janine was known to my family as she taught both my mum and sister. I was excited but apprehensive about learning to drive. However, with Janine's help and guidance, excellent teaching skills and lots of patience I have achieved what I set out to do. This week I passed my test, and this is due to the continued support and dedication that Janine showed me. I would thoroughly recommend Janine, she made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. I am so grateful to her. If you are thinking about learning to drive, choose Janine!

Amelia. S. Bradville.

I have been learning to drive with Janine since my seventeenth birthday and today I passed my test first time. Janine is a brilliant driving instructor who made learning to drive an easy and enjoyable experience. She always taught in a calm and helpful way breaking down the complexities of driving into small easily digestible chunks. She is a very patient instructor who always made sure that we were progressing at my pace which made learning a smooth experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive well.

Sam. G. Newport Pagnell

I think it’s safe to say that I might of been one of the most nervous pupils Janine could of had, i had failed 3 tests already and had my confidence knocked, i didn’t think i would ever pass! After changing (male) driving instructors a lot previously, I decided that I wanted to learn with a female instructor, as I felt that she might be more firm with me, Janine was just that but also so lovely, she was very patient with me and always made me feel calm, even through the tears. I passed first time with Janine and it is the best thing I’ve ever done, i already feel confident on the road and I’ve only been driving by myself for a few weeks. I couldn’t of done it without Janine, she has taught me to be a safe, confident driver, i would recommend her to anyone i know and i honestly miss seeing her every week.

Lauren W. Kents Hill.

My friend at work recommended Janine when she heard I was having no joy with my previous instructor. From my first lesson with Janine I felt at ease and thanks to her constant reassurance, support and little rhymes I can remember my manoeuvres and can now drive on my own, though i will miss our funny moments! Thank you for everything Janine!

Chelsea W. Middleton.

I particularly wanted a lady instructor to teach me to drive and ADI Janine was recommended to me by a friend.

Janine instantly put me at ease as she has a relaxed, friendly teaching style. She explained things really well and was brilliant at giving me the confidence I needed. Thanks to Janine, I passed my test first time, and I strongly recommend her.

Cat.T Brackley.

I would recommend janine to anyone she is an amazing instructor with the patience of a saint would not have passed without her help.

Tamara C. Little Horwood.

A heartfelt thank you for all of your help with teaching me to drive. I really appreciate all the patience and support you gave me. I definitely would not have passed first if it wasn't for you.

Catherine G. Willen.

Just like to say another thank you to Janine for getting me through my driving test. At the age of 36 I thought I would never do it, but Janine put me at ease with my nerves and gave me confidence in myself to be able to do it. I would recommend Janine to anyone and have already been telling people what a great instructor she is.

Rachael W. Stony Stratford

I felt very calm and safe each lesson as Janine was very patient with me and didn't make me feel rushed. She had much confidence in me and made me feel at ease, and also gave me tips to help my driving along the way. I would thoroughly recommend Janine to anyone thinking of taking lessons with someone that cares about your progress and success.

Georgina S. Newport Pagnell

Janine was incredibly supportive, keen on getting me through the nervousness of driving with good humour, and a never-ending supply of safety tips along the way! I really recommend Janine to anyone who needs a driving instructor who will teach you how to drive properly and not just pass the test!

Risa L, Oldbrook

I was told about Janine by a friend at work who had past her test with Janine. On my first lesson I was so nervous and apprehensive but Janine soon put my nerves at rest. She is such a lovely and patient person and has given me the confidence I need . I will miss Janine a lot, but thanks to her I am doing something I didn't think I could.

Jessica D. Deanshanger.

I was introduced to Janine by a friend who had previously passed her test learning with Janine. I had started driving lessons a few years previous, but felt so anxious and nervous driving with my previous instructor, that I was really put off learning to drive. Fortunately Janine changed that, she was kind, patient and really put me at ease. She really helped me develop my confidence and believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. I have no doubt that with a different instructor I would not have had such success and passed my driving test. I would highly recommend Janine to anyone who is learning to drive.

Vicky C. Bletchley.

Janine was incredibly supportive, and knew how to get the best out of my driving capabilities. I started off as an incredibly nervous driver, and now I'm a confident, safe one.
As a student who has passed his test first time with her help, I couldn't recommend Janine highly enough.

Alastair D. Great Linford.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having driving lessons with Janine and have just passed with only two minors, after starting lessons at the end of December! Janine was very patient with me, when at times I was a bit of a nervous wreck, and she also helped me gain confidence in my driving. I will always recommend her. Thanks so much Janine!

Megan T. Newport Pagnell

When I first started my lessons with Janine I was completely nervous and felt terrified! literally after an hour I felt so comfortable and was pushed to take control. I passed both theory and practical first time. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor and friend. I would recommend to anybody who lacks confidence and needs that encouragement to succeed.

Leanne C Mk

I was a very nervous learner who lacked a lot of confidence. Janine was amazingly patient and always helped put me at ease with her warm and friendly manner and I'm pleased to say that because of her I got there in the end! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends or family.

Jennie C MK

Amazing instructor, would highly recommend!! Hoping Janine will still be instructing when my kids are old enough to drive.

Zoe A. Stantonbury

I'd been having lessons before with a different instructor, but my confidence was pretty low. Started lessons with Janine and instantly felt at ease and comfortable in the car. She is such a friendly person and you can see she cares a lot about her students. She is very down to earth and has a great sense of humor which helps I started with Janine in May 2011 and I passed my test first time in December 2011! Highly recommended, your guaranteed to be a comfortable, confident driver learning with Janine.

David Mc, New Bradwell

To have a brilliant confident teacher really helped me build my confidence and get that driving license! Janine was friendly and helpful especially if I couldn't get something first time around. I looked forward to my lessons and don't hesitate to recommend her to everyone I know.

Lindsay D, Milton Keynes

I found that Janine was very patient and friendly, it took me a long time to learn and build confidence but I got there and Janine had a lot of patience with me which I think most learners need! We ended up having nice chats and I could tell she really cared about me passing and my future. I have recommend her to others and I passed first time with less then 5 minors! I miss our weekly chats!

Emma T. Furzton

I just want to say i wouldn't have passed without your perseverance and confidence building , I have been driving 6 years and would recommend you to any one wanting a excellent instructor xx

Allana M. Downhead Park

When I first started learning with Janine I was very nervous and unsure of myself after having a few lessons previously with another instructor. I was instantly put at ease by her patient and friendly way of teaching and with her allowing me to learn at my own pace she helped me gain confidence on the road.

I passed my test first time and after this I really missed my lessons! I then went on to recommend Janine to my sister and a few of my friends, they also had a great time learning with Janine and all passed first time. I would recommend learning to drive with Janine to anyone

Frankie M, Stony Stratford

It took a lot of tears and tantrums to get my driving licence but thanks to Janine I got there in the end. She was understanding and helped me so much when I lacked confidence she ended up more as a friend than just a driving instructor and I miss having a good gossip with her every Tuesday x

Sophie.F Bletchley

I passed first time, and thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Janine she is great fun! Thanks to Janine I am a really confident driver which I never thought could happen. Sian C. Broughton.

Both me and my boyfriend both passed with Janine, after taking a year out myself she made it extremely easy to pick back up and I passed a few months later. The lessons were always fun and I made a really great friend too! I have gained the confidence I needed to be able to begin driving my own car the same day I passed! After my boyfriend had been let down by 3 other driving instructors - Janine was able to work on his weaknesses and help him pass almost straight away! Even where other instructors hadn't been able to help him, we'd both highly recommend!

Jessica T. & David B.Mitlon Keynes

I passed first time thanks to Janine!

I found her easy to get along with and made my lessons fun. I think the only drawback I have is I no longer have the fun lessons! But I've made a fantastic friend.

Janine is friendly and will make you feel at ease straightaway. If you don't believe us try lessons with her and see! I know you will be amazed and you to will be driving around sooner than you think. :0)

Yvonne P.Furzton

All of my friends had been learning with Janine and seemed to enjoy it and be passing, so I started my lesson with Janine which where fun and taken at the pace suited to me. we got alot done in a short space of time and i passed first time after only 3 months learning with Janine. She makes learning to drive fun, I didnt just get my Driving Liscence but a great friend too.

Gareth W, British Columbia, Canada

I passed first time with four minors thanks to Janine, she made my lessons really fun and I picked up driving really quickly. She is a great instructor and I would definitely highly recommend her to anyone!

Danielle Kerindi, USA

I passed first time all down to Janine, she makes you feel at easy and takes the time to get to know you and help you in everyway possible. I would highly recommend Janine to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jodie S. New Bradwell

I began learning to drive at 18 ( later than my friends at the time) and lacked confidence greatly. It felt like it was a long journey to gain my license (finally 4th time lucky) but it was a journey that not only taught me the rules of the road, but it was one that also gave me a friend. Since passing my test, I have had soul responsibility of all the driving when on tour and am looking forward to driving the tour van this Christmas! A great instructor, friend and lady who gave me so much confidence on the roads!

Zoe B Milton Keynes

I was 38 years old and very scared that I was to old to learn to drive Janine put me straight way at easy and I passed first time she also taught both my children who also got on really well with Janine and also passed first time as well as a few friends. What i find with Janine is she's a very good teacher and fun to be with. Also my son's girlfriend will soon start to drive with her.

Geoorgina P. Bradwell

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